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General Consultancy with Upayas (Remedies)

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horoscope at your doorstep with full life details and Upayas

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Match Making / Kundali Matching

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Neeli ( Blue Sapphire )
Blue Sapphire Neelam Benefits. As per Vedic Astrology It is Said that anyone who worships Shani and wears a neelam, can get the Blessings of Lord Saturn

Ruby (Manik):
This is the gem of Sun , it improves the concentration of mind and gives lusture to the skin . This gem gives all round success in life and is the karka for leadership. This improves the leadership qualities and puts the person in forefront . It gives intellectual capabilities and improves one’s writing and speaking powers. 

Coral( Moonga):
Coral gemstone is beneficial in deals involving buying and selling of land and properties. Coral gemstones prevents abortion, fever, piles, impotency, typhus, smallpox etc. Children can be saved from diseases like rickets and stomach ache, by wearing the coral mala or beads around their necks

Emerald (Panna):
Goddess of learning, Saraswati sharpens the intellect of students, singers, dancers, and musicians by Her grace on those who wear Emerald. Emeralds increases eyesight, food grains, property, off springs and destroys black magic, bad effects by evil spirits and nightmares.

Pearl Gemstone (Moti):
Pearl gemstone control and reduces the anger and evil thoughts. It gives peace and clam on the mind, and always encourages self confidence as well as love or compassion for other people. 

Gomedh helps the wearer with regard to professional development. Hessonite aids in improvement of finance, health and happiness and it deters enemies fromhatching plots against the wearer. Gomedh is highly recommended for those involved in active politics or those having Rahu in  their tenth house in the natal chart.